About us

Label Long Records was established in 2004. Claude Rajchert and Australian former co-owner Stephen King have built their recording studio at the prestigious location of Long Street in Krakow, PL where Mr Krzysztof Penderecki lived above. Tons of club gigs, after parties, open air festivals and touring logistics for large groups, including British youth orchestras and choirs behind us, no time for mistakes, we always deliver. You know, we have had experience in every aspect of music and TV business before.. After many great recording sessions with a variety of highly talented Artists, they had enough material to release a compilation. Their first official release in 2007 was sold in more than 25 thousand CD copies which made it gold on the day of release. The single from this album reached the Top Ten in the national radio charts. Unfortunately the financial crisis which came that year swiped our company away. The retailers had the same problems and couldn’t pay us, and with no money for lawyers we couldn’t fight back.. Reopening company by Claude on his own 10 years later in 2014 in England was a big success and with support from many state owned and private institutions as a company we were able to grow. We are always on the lookout for talented people to network with as well as new emerging Artists with vision and great songs.

Our mobile recording truck always delivers pristine source files, whenever you need exceptional quality of up to 192kHz/24bit audio and 60fps multicam recording. All analogue audio circuitry before the state of the art digitisation, adding to our Dolby Digital sound codec makes your dream come true mix and master possible at the slight of your hand.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions. If you are an Artist and you want to share your music with us, simply paste links to songs available on-line. We now accept also submissions with tracks via wetransfer.com if they’re just rough demos for us to consider for production deal.

Please use our toll free telephone number to book your next recording session: 0800 6446 242

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