Our mobile studio cooperates with many great music producers, film directors and Artists in UK and abroad.

 Our mobile audio recording/mixing rig consists of:

Allen&Heath GS3 with Focusrite Liquid Sapphire 56+OctoPre MKII

Mikes: Avantone CV-12 & CR-14, Rode NT1 x 2, NT2 x 2, NT5 x 2, Shure SM57 x 4, SM58 x 4, Clips Sennheiser E908B x 4 Wireless Systems – Sennheiser G3/lap/hand x 4

Monitoring : Samson S4 ch x 2,  Fisher Amp8 x 2 (8 monitor mixes fed to max. 16 HP outputs)

DAW – Logic Pro X, Final Cut X, Ableton 9, all-the-plugins-you-can-eat 😉

We urge you to email us for quotation, expressing more details, so we can offer you the package tailored especially to your needs and your project.

online mixing/mastering inquiries: