Our label cooperates with many great music producers, film directors and studios in UK and abroad.

 Our own audio recording rig consists of:

Mixing desk – Allen&Heath GS3 32/16/8/2 ( 009 taken out of storage last year as brand new)

Interface – Focusrite Liquid Sapphire 56+OctoPre MKII, Zoom H6 4-track

Mikes: Avantone CV-12 & CR-14, Rode NT1 x 2, NT2 x 2, NT5 x 2, Shure SM57 x 4, SM58 x 4, Clips Sennheiser E908B x 4 Wireless Systems – Sennheiser G3/lap/hand x 4, Rycote Windshields

Monitoring : Samson S4 ch x 2,  Fisher Amp8 x 2 (8 monitor mixes fed to max. 16 HP outputs)

Walkie Talkie – Motorola XT420 – 16 pcs.

DAW – Logic Pro X, Final Cut X, Ableton 9, all-the-plugins-you-can-eat 😉

Our mobile audio recording rates start from:

Basic Rate – £50/h (sound engineer+assistant)

Mix – £25/h

Dolby Digital 5.1 Mix & Encoding – £200/min. of final mix

Transport from Reading to your destination – £0.45/mile

500 pcs replicated CDs in full colour 300 gm sleeves wrapped in film – £460 (pls, check out other options)


We urge you to email us for quotation, expressing more detailed requirements if possible, so we can give you package tailored especially for your needs and your project. Please give us a free call if you would like to consult your project requirements on:

UK : 0800 6446 242 (toll free)

International: +44 7714 170 626 (mobile)

audio & video productions inquiries: