Writing songs that eventually become hits is a process involving a lot of talent, skill, luck and industry contacts. Creating a hit song is similar to becoming a movie star or a fashion model. You need it to be born, given the right shape, dressed and sent out to meet the right people. That’s exactly how the songwriting process looks like. The song must be written first, then arranged for a specific set of instruments and voice of the singer/singers and in the end produced to the highest quality before it can be shown to the world and people who decide about an Artist future. Do you want to have a chart hit song? Then make sure you work with the best and the most creative team out there. 

We are open to co-write and co-produce songs if we see potential hidden behind your notes, but if you are just about to start your songwriting adventure, we can give you some hints and good advice. First of all we suggest to learn basics of how to write. There are plenty of publications regarding writing songs, because there are certain rules to follow. Google it, and don’t forget it’s all about your creativity, it’s all about acquiring a skill that may be learned, like driving a car. Obviously, not everyone will become Nikki Lauda just because he learned to drive.. But if you won’t try you can’t win. Work hard, be spontaneous, have faith and get in touch! 😉